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369 Electronics Best Laptop & Mobile Service Center in Chennai

As the world changes to a new digital century 369 Electronics is empowering a more resilient future for customer and communities. Quick, speed, and smart computer service is the attractive thing that helps us to stay us in this field for years.
369 Electronics is a hardware/software laptop/desktop service center working for over 20 years in this field. we are servicing laptops, desktops and mobiles of any brands. we have good technical teams who are professional in these areas. We manage different sections for the service makes faster and reliable.

Why Choose 369 Electronics

  • Providing Standby PC/Laptop/Mobile
    (if your service timeline exceed 48 Hrs)
  • Free Diagnosis
  • Remote Support after Service
  • Speedy Service
  • Expert Tech Support
  • Using Original Spare Parts

Fast Response Time Guaranteed

+91 88075 64369

About Us

We 369 Electronics, having more than 20 Years of experience in IT industries, Cinema Industry, Post Production Industry. In. we are dedicated to making the best customer service and computer maintenance possible for you. When you need to Service your Laptop/Mobile/PC/ MAC you do not have to worry about it for a long time. Handles all computers and gadgets, whether you need to Service your laptop or your business computer our technicians are skilled. Viruses are inhabited your laptops every day. Spyware applications and software problems can quickly invade your computer. Hearing the technology news can be overwhelming. our technicians are here to help you with computer maintenance, but they can also help you understand how to protect your computer from problems like this. If you have any questions or concerns about your computer system, please contact us by make a call. we’ll take care of your computer’s Service needs and make sure you know how to protect your computer from falling back.

Our computer service is fast. The truth is, in 99% of cases we promise to have the computer Serviced on the same day. We have set a reasonable price for our computer Services. We are proud of your transparent pricing policy. You can easily pay. 369 Electronics offers excellent Service rates for non-issue quotes or the best hourly rate for more complex issues. Our computer service is very convenient for you. We will come to you and make a free pickup and make Services. So you can bring your damage or malfunction to our Center.